Lafre Secret Garden Sanitary Napkin

Love ourselves relentlessly. Pamper ourselves extravagantly. Our Anion sanitary napkins exude elegance from within. Enhance our quality of life by entrusting ourselves with the most suitable and intimate sanitary napkin. 

Our Innovation & Features

Negative Ions & Active Oxygen
Using dual core technology, negative ions and active oxygen are organically combined together, resulting in our sanitary napkin’s ability to disinfect, sterilize, reduce inflammation and odour.

Far Infrared (FIR)
Enhances our body’s micro-circulation, metabolism and immune system.

Magnetic Power
Accelerates detoxification during menstruation. It helps to balance endocrine system and stimulates blood circulation, thus reducing menstrual discomfort.

Eliminates Odour
Chitin cellulose extracts with up to 99% resistant to bacteria and fungi, effectively removes odour and helps to prevent vaginitis.

Strong Absorption & Ultimate Freedom
Super absorbent elements from Japan. Excellent fluid retention prevents leakage. Ultra-soft cotton surface with twice as fast absorption for absolute dryness and comfort.

Ultra-Light & Breathable
Ultra-thin 1mm design and advanced breathable membrane base for extra comfort and circulation.


Lafre Secret Garden Premium Box Set - 55pcs

Day Use               24.5cm - 10pcs x 2 (20pcs)

Night Use            29.0cm -  5pcs x 2 (10pcs)

Extra Long           33.5cm -  5pcs x 1 ( 5pcs)

Panty Liner         15.5cm - 20pcs x 1 (20pcs)

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Lafre Secret Garden Individual Set

Day Use               24.5cm - 42pcs

Night Use            29.0cm -  36pcs

Extra Long           35.0cm -  32pcs

Panty Liner         15.5cm - 120pcs


Quality is Our Priority

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